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The Beginning of a much needed makeover

Hello ya’ll, we are the championlabels team, and we would just like to inform ya’ll that there will be a lot of needed changes on the website, starting next week.

We would be adding new strain labels, fixing some of the bugs on the site and changing some of the content on the page. We want to make the experience of our website simple and easy to use for our costumers.

At one point we were on ebay and etsy, but since they change rules for the users and their sites, its been hard to sell in those platforms without having someone from the development team shutting our posts down.

This page will be for ya’ll to get the labels a lot of you used to get from those sites and we don’t have to worry about them shutting us down.

Thank you for supporting us, for your patience and for sticking with us. And no worries we promise we would be updating our site more regularly from now on. 👽